UFH Learning and Development Programs

United Family Healthcare (UFH) believes that employee development is the energy and motivation for the development of any organization.

As such, UFH hires outstanding talents and is willing and devoted to investing in their continued development.

Beginning with the learning and development of new employees and taking into account the organization’s long-term development plans,

we have carefully designed and implemented a series of sustainable learning development plans for our employees. At the same time,

we highly encourage our employees to take full advantage of learning opportunities in their work, and to improve and develop their careers within the organization.

Employees can make full use of various internal and external learning resources and opportunities to improve their personal skills and to fully realize their full personal


UFH is fully devoted to investing in your education and development!

Learning and Development

UFH provides each employee with a wide variety of learning methods and approaches,

including online and offline learning, on-the-job training, group training,

as well as individual coaching.