Continuing Medical Education
and Clinical Advancement at UFH

Many medical professionals chose to join UFH for our international-standard clinical practice,clean and pleasant working environment,caring and collaborative medical staff teams, and rewarding patient care experience; many others, as they become seasoned UFH family members, will tell you that our organization also highly values the clinical advancement of our medical professionals.

Here at UFH, you will have various CME and other clinical learning opportunities throughout the year, which will help you enhance medical knowledge and clinical skills, and thrive in your professional field.


    1st United Family Healthcare International Summit on Pediatrics: Growing Up with Complex Defects of the Heart


    International Forum for Management of Extremely Low Birth Weight and Extremely Preterm Infants


    The Resilient Person-Healthy Living in the Urban World


    Beijing Women’s Healthcare Public Forum

    Life support training:


    New Medical Staff Orientation:

    Documentation; Evidence Based Medicine & Practice;

    Communication skills

    linical department training:

    pediatric diagnosis and treatment seminars.

International Clinical Conferences
UFH Internal Training Opportunities